Saturday, January 27, 2007

Possessive Noun Creature Feature!

What would happen if you could create your own animal by combining the features of other animals? Maybe you'd be in the tropics and you'd look down in the water and see this:

Why, it has the head of a flamingo and a body of a fish! We could describe it using possessives by saying it has a flamingo's head and a fish's body!! Or...

What if you were traveling to Africa and came across the fierce Elephanopus, an animal with an elephant's body and an octopus's head?

Well, here's your chance to create the creature of your fantasy and practice those tricky possessive singular and plural nouns! Mrs. Perry's passed out the guidelines, now it's your turn to have fun and be creative! Remember, your creature must include both singular and plural posessive features. Below is an example from a student in my class last year that you may print out and practice with. Click on the picture for a full size version. See how there is a word bank of phrases at the top that may be said a different way using possessive nouns?
So, #8 on Leah's creature would be
two people's hands (a plural possessive).

Once you've created it, scan it into the computer so that we can share our creature features with the world!

We've created some of our very own creature features!! Brandon's is pictured below. To view the rest of the class's Creature Features, please visit our Student Work Page.


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