Saturday, January 27, 2007

Possessive Noun Creature Feature!

What would happen if you could create your own animal by combining the features of other animals? Maybe you'd be in the tropics and you'd look down in the water and see this:

Why, it has the head of a flamingo and a body of a fish! We could describe it using possessives by saying it has a flamingo's head and a fish's body!! Or...

What if you were traveling to Africa and came across the fierce Elephanopus, an animal with an elephant's body and an octopus's head?

Well, here's your chance to create the creature of your fantasy and practice those tricky possessive singular and plural nouns! Mrs. Perry's passed out the guidelines, now it's your turn to have fun and be creative! Remember, your creature must include both singular and plural posessive features. Below is an example from a student in my class last year that you may print out and practice with. Click on the picture for a full size version. See how there is a word bank of phrases at the top that may be said a different way using possessive nouns?
So, #8 on Leah's creature would be
two people's hands (a plural possessive).

Once you've created it, scan it into the computer so that we can share our creature features with the world!

We've created some of our very own creature features!! Brandon's is pictured below. To view the rest of the class's Creature Features, please visit our Student Work Page.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Love That Dog: Discussion Post #1

Miss Stretchberry is able to convince Jack to write poetry and share his feelings even though he doesn't want to. Point out the most important quality Miss Stretchberry has as a person and as a teacher that allows her to reach Jack and help him express himself through writing poetry. How did you as the reader figure out this quality?

Post Guidelines:

1. Answer the question.

2. Give detailed support (paraphrase/quote with page #)

3. Extend your answer by connecting to prior knowledge, making a text connection, etc...

Be sure to check for spelling and grammar errors before you post. Make sure you have at least two-three detailed pieces of support and make sure you wrote a well developed paragraph.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Class Pictures and Work

Take a moment to visit our classroom pictures page. Here you will find pictures of Mrs. Perry's class on field trips and in the classroom working collaboratively.

You may also want to visit our student work page. Here you can see how our class is using technology to post projects and assignments online.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Welcome Back!

Whew! Can you believe it's time to ring in 2006?? Here's a chance to post just for fun about your winter break. Blog about any special family you visited, places you went, the holidays, gift giving, New Year resolutions, funny stories that happen to you, anything!! You guys are pros at blogging by now. Happy Blogging!