Monday, November 20, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's Turkey time! I hope everyone has an absolutely fabulous Thanksgiving break. Want to see what your classmates (or your teacher) is up to over break? Check in and post what you're doing right here! This is just a fun way to keep in touch and share interesting tidbits over the Thanksgiving break. You can write about the places/family you visit, what you're thankful for this year, any good books you read, what you had for Thanksgiving dinner, or anything else that's school appropriate! See you back at school on Monday! Don't forget to visit if you get bored and want to play some fun educational games with your family!

Student Interpretation of Poems

Students read poems and created illustrations based on the author's use of imagery & figurative language. To see them, visit the student work page or click here!

Friday, November 03, 2006


Reading Class, We've been working on identifying and writing our own examples of alliteration. Type your most creative example of alliteration to share with the rest of the class! You may make them silly, but they must make sense! Be sure to check your grammar and spelling, since this counts as a class participation grade!

Here are a few examples from our class! Come up with your own and post by November 6th. Have fun and be creative! Click on a picture to view full size. For the rest of our class's scanned alliteration examples, click here!